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Reade Core Services

Unit and Family Trust

Reade ensure proper supervision and management of trust assets by ensuring that appointed fund managers comply with the terms of trust deed, local laws and regulatory requirements, and invest according to the objective of trust funds.

Fund managers are required to invest trust assets in a diversified portfolio of securities, equity, fixed income, real estate and units in other funds with proper risk management assessment. 

Trust assets are subjected to stringent compliance checks by fund administrator and Accountants to ensure adherence to all statutes, rules and regulations. 

Facility and Security Agent

Facility agent’s services include coordinating financial matters between borrowers, lenders and other related parties. For instance, we have acted as facility and escrow agent for parties involved in aircraft financing deals, holding the title of aircrafts on behalf of parties, amongst other things.  

When creditors accept collateral as security for loans disbursed, a security agent is usually appointed to hold such collateral and -when necessary- to enforce said creditors' rights against the collateral in the event of default.  

Reade cooordinates the workstream of various service providers such as  legal, financial and various consultants to accept the pledge of collateral and to enforce creditors' rights against the collateral when directed to do so in accordance with the terms of the facilities and security agreement. 

Process Agent

In any cross-border financial transaction, parties to the agreement will typically agree to a choice of court clause specifying that any disputes under the agreement will be determined in that choice  disputes jurisdiction. 

When transacting parties choose Singapore as their choice disputes jurisdiction, Reade may be appointed to act as a process agent upon whom court papers may be served for and on behalf of the appointing parties.   

It may necessary appoint a process agent for the following transactions :

Credit financing;

Aviation purchase, leasing and/or financing;

Private placements; and

Commercial bank and syndicate lending deals. 

Escrow Agent

As and when large transaction sums or assets are expected to change hands (e.g. sale of properties, substantial number of shares or physical assets), an escrow agent may be appointed as a neutral and independent third-party entity to hold a portion of such transction sums until completion of said transaction.  

Reade will hold any escrow funds in a dedicated bank account and release such funds in accordance with the terms and conditions of escrow agreements.  

Reade offers such escrow services in Singapore, where a robust regulatory environment in terms of asset protection provides our clients a peace of mind they deserve. 

Corporate Services

Partnering with various service providers partner across Asia, Reade offers a one-stop solution for a myriad of corporate services ranging from company formation, accounting, taxation and secretarial related work. 

Reade works with both onshore and offshore service providers including, but not limited to, British Virgin Islands (BVI) and Anguilla company formations. Furthermore, Reade’s network of bank partnership provides for swift opening of corporate bank accounts on behalf of our clients.