A Licensed Trust Company that specialized in family trust and unit trust solutions 

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Reade behind the Scene

Experienced and professional team with over 15 years' experience ready to serve your needs.

Client-tailored services to assure satisfaction of service delivery. 

Robust capabilities and knowledge to administer our duties with speed and accuracy.

Legal and risk management knowledge to fulfill our professional duties. 

Reade Risk Management

Know  Your Customer (“KYC”) and Money Laundering & Terrorism Financing (“AML/CFT”) risk checks for all relevant parties

Safeguarding of funds-in-transit in segregated bank accounts to ensure all parties involved are protected and ring-fenced

Working closely with our clients and intermediaries for the preparation of agreements, instruction letters in a timely manner to ensure seamless service across borders. 

Unit And Family Trust

Reade ensures proper supervision and management of trust assets by ensuring that appointed fund managers comply with the terms of trust deed, local laws and regulatory requirements, and invest according to the objective of trust funds.

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Facilities and Security Agent

Reade coordinates the workstream of various service providers such as legal, financial and various consultants to accept the pledge of collateral(s) and to enforce creditors' rights when directed to do so in accordance with the terms of the facilities and security agreement.    

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Process Agent

Reade may be appointed as a client representative to accept service of court documents in Singapore.   

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Escrow Agent

Reade will hold any escrow funds in a dedicated bank account and release such funds in accordance with the terms and conditions of escrow agreements.   

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Corporate Services

Reade offers a one-stop solution for a myriad of  corporate solutions such as company formation, bank account opening, and secretarial services, partnering onshore and offshore service providers. 

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EXample of Escrow Structure
Sample Escrow Structure
Reade’s Escrow Category
Term Escrow
(Between 1 to 60 months)
These are one-off escrow arrangement(s) mainly used for purposes for transactions involving the Sale of property, merger & acquisitions, indemnity amount holding, and loan disbursements.
Ongoing Escrows
These are escrow arrangements that Reade performs on an ongoing basis. For instance, many of these projects are related to crowdfunding platforms, structured financing platforms, etc. These escrow accounts are used by such regulated platform operator for funds pooling and disbursements.